Post Re-Up reflections

So I have spent the last couple of days teetering the fence of stress and worry. I know in my mind that I should not spend my time worrying because my God will take care of me just like he takes care of the birds who worry not about where food will come from, etc. My financial situation has always been a rocky road to travel. Sometimes its great, but for the most part there are difficult times. It's during times like these when I find myself asking "why must I go through"

Friday night's Re-Up was something that I needed to hear. Donahue spoke of what the bible has to say about ambition. It was pretty informative and got me thinking. In Gen 11:9 in order to protect them from themselves, the Lord confused the languages and the people no longer spoke one single language. This story was interesting because it made me wonder - what is God protecting me from in my life? I wonder...

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