The Idea of Love


The word gets tossed around so frequently, I've come to realize many people don't even really know what it means. The word has lost its value. Many people can say it to me and it holds no weight. I don't want that "love" that constantly changes. I don't want that "love" that's so quick to walk away. As I take a step back and I evaluate the world in which we live, this lack of ability to truly comprehend true love does not surprise me at all.

Love is no longer something that is taken seriously. Love used to be something worth fighting for, better yet, worth dying for. Now its just another word to say to satisfy fleshly urges. Its a means to an end - you see what you want, and say what you think needs to be said to get it. Why is this so?

How can people take love seriously, when they don't take God seriously. The very nature of God is love, yet God gets treated like any average Joe off the street corner. People have a hard time receiving God, therefore I couldn't imagine the state in which I see "love" being any other way. People happen to be in love with the idea of being in love, rather than actually being in love. We are too scared to know God, so we run from love - we have commitment issues.

Love simply is. It's unconditional. It's forgiving. It's all you need.
God simply is. He's unconditional. He's forgiving. He's all you need.

God is Love.

So while, in theory, we know how to dress it up, love is an action word. Love causes you to DO things. For God so loved the world that He GAVE his only begotten son. Christ loved us so much HE DIED and ROSE for us with all power in his hand, and GAVE us that same resurrection power. God said IF you Love Him THEN you'll keep his commandments. That statement suggests that the love you have causes you to act upon it.

The state of love as we see it is merely a reflection of mans relationship with God - and it's quite sad.

Love does not seek to satisfy self
So I should be willing to lay down my insecurities
Willing to confess what you already know
Ready to end the show
Willing to be naked in the rawness of truth
Willing to share all of me with all of you
(excerpt from my poem "in love with love)

Until we come to know God for who He is, and truly fall in love with Him, we'll never know the true nature of love. We'll just have a bunch of artificial flavoring. I don't know about you, but I prefer that organic, 100% natural stuff - maybe that's just me...


He Reigns Forever and Ever

Ok, now I'm prepared for the backlash that may come from this posting BUT I just can't take it anymore. Call me cold, but I just can't comprehend this Michael Jackson craze. I mean yes he was a musical genius; yes he did alot for the community on a global scale; yes he changed the game time and time again; HOWEVER, everybody dies - tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I understand how those who actually knew him personally have something to mourn about, but everyone else?!?!? People my age or younger, who have never come anywhere near MJ a day in their lives are falling out crying like they lost a close friend or a relative. This is just ridiculous. You did not know him personally and he didn't know you - they all remind me of professional wailers you read about in the bible who would fall out and cry (think about the story of the girl Jesus raised from the dead). I just don't get how people could be so thrown for a loop emotionally by this thing.


Seriously, we can fall out and faint for this man, who granted has done many good things, but can't give God the praise that is due to him? Jesus died AND GOT BACK UP AGAIN, yet its offensive to speak his name in public. In some parts of the world you can be killed for mentioning Christ. Don't get me wrong, I loved MJ too; however, this IDOL WORSHIP, I can't condone it and it vexes me. You go to churches and people have to pump and prime the "believers" to give the Lord praise, yet all Michael has to do is walk into a room and people are on the floor. I remember some concert I was watching on tv where all he did was a neck roll and the whole front row screamed and fell out - FOR WHAT? Ambulances had to be called in, just a mess. I just find the whole thing peculiar.

Don't get me wrong now MJ was cool, but there is a King - the King of kings - who should be getting this much attention, if not more. Why don't we get it yet? This idolatry has to stop! We ALL need to REPENT and turn from our wicked ways of putting idols up and worshiping them rather than the one who gave EVERYTHING for us. Some of you may be saying, "I don't have an idol; I'm not an idolater." Let me give you the Webster's definition of an idol : n 1 a image of a Deity, used as an object of worship. 2 a person or thing adored or revered. 3 a phantom, a false idea. Anything in your life that gets more attention than God you have placed more on a level higher than the Lord and this cannot be as he said to worship him and him ALONE.

Man, I just pray that we can all get it right. Thank God for his grace given to us through the true King who shall reign long after the whole MJ frenzy dies down.

Why don't you get that excited for someone who died for your sins, rather than someone who gave you entertainment?!