Just In Case You're Reading (u know who u are)...

It's interesting that you would call me a bully
It shows me that I am simply once again misunderstood
The way you perceive the things that you see in me
May be far from my original intent
Yet intentions get you nowhere in life if they are not met
So where do we go from here
How can I make myself more clear
I fear this here is a result of everything left unsaid
So I am left to believe
The thing you perceive to be me
Is not really me
But the me you would like me to be
Yet I can't be she
For she is a female unlike me

Or maybe its my perception that is off
and the intentions I have are somewhere lost
Lost in the space between action and thought
And the reality is the only one misunderstanding me
Is me
Because so far it has been about the way I see
What you see
But like they say in philosophy
We each have our own reality
So which one is the actuality?
Or shall we just agree to disagree?

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