Peace... Be Still

So I have a friend who I love who wrote a song called Peace Be Still. While I've never done a praise dance before I had to do one over the weekend at the Slaughter House / Tribe of Judah retreat. Part of the performance included some poetry inspired by the song. It was a combination of 3 poems one written by myself one written by BJ and one by Audry. We each wrote our poems separately as we listened to the song and then somehow they just flowed together for the sake of the performance - I call that the Holy Spirit lol. When it came time to dance - I was pretty nervous because I've never done a praise dance before and we didn't really have time to practice our peice but I think those are the ones that come out the best. When they are just Spirit lead. I didn't think I would be able to dance like that infront of people who are dancers and yet once the song came on my body just started moving. It was pretty cool. Not as scary as I thought it would be. Anyway - here is on 3rd of the poem that we wrote for the performance.

I know that I can do all things through Christ
The Lord never gives me more than I can bear
But this pain
This storm
Is slowly eating me up inside
The winds are blowing
Its growing cold
I know trials come to build faith
And this is supposed to cause me to grow
But how can you grow if you're drowning?
(this is where the poem ends for performance)
A seed drenched in water dies
Lord this rain is killing me
I have no words left
Be still
The storms in my life have me so cold
Im numb
While all things are supposed to work together
For my good
I can't see through this rain
All I hear is thunder
Nothing makes sense
Be still

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