New Year Thoughts

The year of new beginning
The only thing that seemed to begin
was a new level of self doubt and frustration
new hurts
unexpected pains
and at the end of the year there was a new change
a push
a shift
to take me out of what seemed so comfortable
a new way of thinking
a new way of living
like a caterpillar ready to go to the cocoon
The transition
living life knowing
I'm meant to turn into something beautiful
Spending my days
Waiting for the change
A safe location needs to be found to allow the transformation to take place
So toward the end of the year of new beginnings
I've been lead to a new place
A new way of seeing
A new level of worship
A new place to call home
Now I enter 2009
The year of Divine completeness in the Lord
The year to produce fruits
The year to begin building the cocoon
the time has come for a transformation
My life has been a build up
In anticipation of becoming a butterfly
Time to begin the process
For without the process beginning
I'll never know the true vision of the beauty God intended me to be
What will I look like?
What intricate design will be on my wings?
When the process is finished
We will all see...

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