My roommate had a dream that someone got shot on my birthday. Interesting...
My birthday at home sucked...
Something that day died.
I did.
My ability to keep pretending nothing is wrong
My ability to sit back and remain quiet
The fear of what will happen when I say what I have to say

Do I know what is about to happen... of course not. If I knew what came next I wouldn't have to trust that God has my life under control.

As crazy and messed up and frustrating and ridiculous as things get - its all a part of the plan. I have to believe it. It has to be true. It has to be.


This is the beginning of the rest of my life. It began Sept 28, 2008 when I turned 22 and saw the direction in which my family and my life was going and decided something had to be done. Change is gonna come. Change IS going to come.

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Derrius said...

1 day ill get the courage n do the same...all is not well in my house...and im opting 4 the "move out" thing...not fixing the problem...juz putting it 2 the side 4 a while -_-