and so it begins...

I'm back! It's been a while since I've actually had a blog. I've "blogged" on my myspace and "posted notes" on my facebook, but this - this is an actual blog. Haven't done this since high school when I had a deadjournal account. I wonder why people blog anyway. I guess people get some sort of satisfaction in knowing that there is someone out there who actually cares about their opinon - well cares enough to read it anyway. There are so many "invisible" people in this world, maybe blogging makes the invisible people that much more visible. I have read some pretty funny posts on the internet about many different things. This world is full of so many different views and opinions and its just interesting to see different perspectives. The problem with alot of people is they are so close-minded and feel that their way of thinking is the only way of thinking, but that is a discussion for another blog on another day. Right now its time to explore this blogspot some more, add my art (the reason I created this bad boy in the first place), and hit the sack - operation: "slim down / tone up" begins when the sun comes up and I need to be rested. Shalom Chaveriem. Lehitraot.

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