Alabaster Box

The rain pours out the tears I don't have left to cry
As I remember the wicked sinful woman I used to be
The lies I've told
The lives I have scorned
The murder I committed with my evil tongue
All while claiming to be a Christan
The hypocritical way of life that suffocated my spirit
Silently dying while offering my service to the Lord
But there comes a time in every believers walk where they must mature

Silver and Gold have I none, But such as I have I give unto thee
I'm sitting here Jesus weeping at your feet
Thanking you for your love for me.
I open up my alabaster jar and pour out my life
I pour out my will and offer it to thee
I wipe your feet with the glory any word I've ever written has given me

You've anointed the very words that I speak and
The word is the most precious gift given to me
So I pour out every word that's in me
To wash your feet of every lie I told
Every perverted thought that crossed my mind
You became my filthy sin so that I may have abundant life

I know other's won't understand why I have not sold my jar
Why I would rather pour out my being at your feet
That gain any amount of money
I realize they will not comprehend the gratitude in this action
Yet this surrender does not compare to the price you paid for me

This here is my alabaster box poured out at your feet
These words are my tears
Their applause is the glory
I give it all unto you

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